The Grove Park Inn Resort & Spa

100% love it
Gorgeous woodside retreat
Picturesque grounds, world-class spa, four star dining--the Grove Park has it all. It's no wonder so many celebrities and world leaders have made this their temporary home away from home.


    • Scott
      Scott Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Stunning views, service, setting
      Staying here is a truly special experience. The historic inn is made out of old stones from the area, the large fireplace in the lobby is just begging you to grab some wine and sit in a rocking chair. The views are to die for and the service is top notch (Omni runs the place). The rooms in the newer wing where I stayed could use a remodel, the bathrooms remind me a bit of a motel. As another reviewer said, it's lacking in the gays (not even the staff except for one or two), but I still highly recommend it.

    • JonEBbad
      JonEBbad Over a year ago
      Loves it

      definite must stay
      a palacial log cabin effect made of stones, a grand escape into the hills of asheville with a world class spa... nearly every president in the last 50 years has stayed here as well as countless celebrities. a variety of great restaurants and entertainment.