North Lodge B&B

50% love it
Beautiful stone B&B
You'll feel nestled and cozy in this tastefully appointed B&B situated between downtown Asheville and Biltmore. Enjoy the fabulous breakfast (included with your stay) of dishes like morning glory muffins and Virginia cured bacon.


    • filmcub
      filmcub Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Closeted and unfriendly. But clean and quiet
      This B&B is very clean and close to downtown Asheville. My partner and I didn't enjoy our stay though. The house was full and we were the only gay couple there. We choose gay B&Bs because we want a place to stay that has a "family" feeling where we feel safe. The guys who run this place seem closeted, unfriendly, uptight, and did not make us feel welcome at all. In fact, their strict house rules and rude behavior to us both on the phone before we arrived, and in the house when we arrived made us feel totally unwelcome. They begrudgingly gave us directions over the phone only after trying to direct us to a computer for google maps. They didn't seem to get that we didn't have access to the Internet and that is why we were calling them. Then we asked for a masseur to come to the room, as that is something they advertise. But then we were made to feel like deviants when we asked for a male masseur and one wasn't available. Upon granting our request to cancel the masseur we were scolded for not stating a preference up front. In our experience it is up to the host to ask if there is a preference. Honestly, as a gay establishment you'd think a male masseur would be norm and they would ask if a woman would be ok. We will NEVER return nor will we ever recommend this place. There is so much more we can write, but the thought frankly exhausts me. If you are straight, and love a Laura Ashley type environment, this place might be for you.